The Duke Lemur Center (DLC) offers internship opportunities during the summer and throughout the academic year. DLC Internships allow students to have hands-on experiences to expand their strong interest in animal care, education or research.

We are not currently accepting applications for DLC internships. Applications for Spring 2018 Husbandry and Field Research Internships will be posted in October. If you have questions regarding internships at the DLC, please contact Student Projects Coordinator, Meg Dye (meg.dye@duke.edu).


Click here to check out our DLC Summer Intern Video from 2013!

Thank you to all of our 2015 Summer Interns! You all did an amazing job!





Congratulations to 2015 Summer Husbandry Interns Brittany Blackwell and Danielle Lynch for joining our team of full-time primate technicians!

“The Lemur Center exceeded my expectations. I had expected to enjoy my time there and learn a lot, but not as much as I ended up doing.” Ryan S., Summer 2014

“…It was a valuable experience that has truly prepared me for my future endeavors in the animal field.” Katie J., Summer 2014

“I was truly amazed at how much time we spent with the animals as husbandry interns, and I loved that I saw the animals every day.” Jamie S., Summer 2013 

“..As far as getting to spend time with the animals, learn a lot about the facility, and actually do research, all the expectations I had about the internship were definitely met…Overall I would definitely recommend the internship to any of my friends interested in primatology! I am going to miss the place…”  Arthur J., Summer 2013

“I have nothing but compliments and praises for this internship!  It was absolutely more than I had expected and I love every minute.  To be able to work so close with the lemurs and do so much for them, as well as working with the staff was just amazing.  If I have to complain it would be that 10 weeks goes by too fast!”  Holly N. , Summer 2013

“Thank you so much for everything this semester. This has truly been one of the best experiences I have had and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity! I have grown to love and adore every single Lemur at the center and I hope to return soon! This internship has given me so much research experience and has allowed me the chance to reaffirm that this is the field I want to go in!”  Kaitlyn W. – Fall Research Internship, 2012






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