Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG) Duke


Duke Lemur Center (DLC) has had an active conservation program for 20 years, both in the US and in Madagascar. DLC is a founding and managing member of the Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG) which is a consortium of zoos and other institutions committed to supporting conservation in Madagascar.  MFG projects in Madagscar focus on community-based conservation techniques operating in the area around Betampona Natural Reserve and Parc Ivoloina on the east coast. Parc Ivoloina is a regional conservation center on Madagascar’s east coast, which includes a small zoo and focuses on activities such as environmental education and sustainable agricultural practices. Betampona is a protected natural forest and also the site of the first reintroduction of captive born lemurs back to the wild, a collaborative DLC/MFG effort. The reintroduction has evolved into an important program of conservation research and ecological monitoring, with education and reforestation components linked to nearby Ivoloina. Thanks in part to DLC support and MFG presence in Betampona, the reserve has been protected from illegal wood cutting and poaching of wildlife.






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