NEW! Wild Workshops

Attention serious lemur lovers and science enthusiasts: we have an amazing new educational series for you! Starting in 2019, we will be offering Wild Workshops throughout the year! Each Wild Workshop will focus on a different subject connected to the work the DLC does here and in Madagascar. We’ll do a deep-dive into subjects like our conservation breeding program, enrichment and play, primate evolution, and so much more!

Each workshop will include customized programming for a recommended age group based on the subject we’re exploring. We will be including specialized presentations, husbandry and/or research demonstrations, and possibly even behind-the-scenes views that are catered to each Wild Workshop theme.

Because our Wild Workshops will focus heavily on a particular topic, we strongly recommend that guests only register for a Wild Workshop after attending one of our many other tour experiences. Please see below for a list of upcoming subjects.

If you don’t want to miss out when a new Wild Workshop registration opens, please send us an email at Just let us know that you’d like to go on our Wild Workshop interest list, and you will get an email as soon as any registrations open up!

Our next Wild Workshop will be “Why We Don’t ‘Pet’ Primates” on May 4. This program is all about the expert lemur care we provide for these amazing wild animals, and how we can make smart, responsible decisions about what animals do and do not make good pets at home. More information on and registration for this kid-friendly program will be coming very soon! Keep an eye out for more information on the rest of our upcoming 2019 Wild Workshops:

  • Deep Dive: Coquerel’s Sifaka!
  • Lemur Yoga: A Study in Primate Locomotion
  • Deep Dive: Ring-tailed Lemurs!
  • Primate Evolution – Featuring our very own Division of Fossil Primates
  • Lemurs, Legends, and Lore – Oh My!
  • Deep Dive: Nocturnal Lemurs!
  • Lemur Enrichment and Training
  • Deep Dive: Ruffed Lemurs!






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