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Merchandise: Stuffed Animals

Aye-aye ($25) and Coquerel’s sifaka ($25) plush lemurs: Custom-made just for us, and available only at the Duke Lemur Center! Sifaka (pictured on right) features velcro on the insides of his hands and feet, enabling him to hang from his hands or upside down by his “toes.” Sold separately. Ribbons not included.

Free shipping available! This items are available for curbside pick-up in Durham, NC or can also be ordered online with free shipping within the continental US via the Duke Stores website.

Black and white ruffed lemur plushes ($15-$20 each, sold separately): 12″ floppy ruffed lemur plush by Rhode Island Novelty (left, $20), and 8″ ruffed lemur plush by Wild Republic (right, $15).

Ring-tail plushes by SOS ($12-$25 each, sold separately): Realistic ring-tail plushes available in 13″ ($25), 8.5″ ($15), and 7.5″ ($12) sizes.

Assorted ring-tail plushes ($8-$22 each, sold separately): 5″ Lil’ Ring-tail ($8), EcoPal Ring-tail ($12), and Birth of Life Ring-tail with Baby ($22).

Lemmee ring-tails ($8-$12 each, sold separately): 3.5″ Lemmee Plush Keychain ($8), 5″ Lemmee Plush ($10), and 8″ Lemmee Plush ($12). Gray with gray striped tails.

YooHoo & Friends plushes ($8-$12 each, sold separately): 3.5″ Yoohoo Plush Keychain ($8), 5″ Yoohoo Plush ($10), and 8″ Yoohoo Plush ($12). Blue eyes with blue striped tail.

YooHoo Sack ($5 each, sold separately): Pictured from left: Giant Panda, Maned Sloth, Red Macaw, Ring-tailed Lemur, Blonde Capuchin, Fennec Fox, and Red Squirrel. 2.5″ tall. Call for availability.

Hanging collared lemur (left, $18) and blue-eyed black lemur (right, $18): Each features velcro on the insides of the palms, enabling the stuffed lemur to hang from its hands. Sold separately.

7″ blue-eyed black lemur ($12)

Plush ears and tails ($10 each, sold separately): These ring-tail and aye-aye ears (headbands) and clip-on plush tails are made in the USA and are perfect for dressing up as your favorite lemur. Ring-tail ears and tail pictured on left; aye-aye ears and tail pictured on right. Ears ($10) and tails ($10) sold separately.

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Call us at (919) 401-7240 on Tuesday through Saturday between 9:00 AM-3:00 PM to purchase your items over the phone.