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Science Camps


The DLC’s science camps offer an incredibly unique opportunity for 3rd- through 8th-graders to experience the world-renowned Duke Lemur Center in an up-close and personal way! Beginning in 2019, we are revitalizing our camp offerings to provide even more amazing content for the lemur lovers in your troop. Each camp is a full five-day week jam-packed with curriculum-based learning — and lemurs, of course!

All camp fees fund the Education Department and help pay for lemur care, housing, veterinary supplies, and the DLC’s conservation work “on the ground” in Madagascar. –So not only will your child enjoy learning about lemurs, you’ll be helping the lemurs too!

Types of camps

The Leaping Lemurs Summer Science Camp includes specialized themes based on the curriculum standards for each age range, so your child can come back each year for a new educational experience with the same wonderful lemurs! For more information and to see dates for our summer 2020 camps, please click HERE.