Lemurs can smell weakness in each other

By Robin Smith. Published in Duke Today on June 28, 2018. Read the original HERE. Some people watch the competition carefully for the slightest signs of weakness. Lemurs, on the other hand, just give them a sniff. These primates from Madagascar can tell that a fellow lemur is weaker just by the natural scents they […]

Collaboration and Improvisation: Lemur Center vets use 3-D printing technology to plan aye-aye oral surgery

What’s a veterinarian to do when faced with a challenging surgery on a rare species about which no veterinary manuals are written? As the veterinary staff at the Duke Lemur Center have learned, first you evaluate what you have; then you extrapolate from what you know about other species; then you collaborate and improvise! If […]

Infants Announced: Two red ruffed lemurs born at Duke Lemur Center

Published June 15, 2018 By Laura Jones, Communications Intern The Duke Lemur Center is delighted to report two new additions to the critically endangered red ruffed lemur family! Infants Mae and Judith were born on May 14, 2018 to parents Pandora and Comet. The twin sisters are already super active youngsters, making sure to explore every […]

Anne Yoder stepping down at Duke Lemur Center

  By Karl Leif Bates. Cover photo (c) Duke Photography. Published in Duke Today on June 12, 2018. Read the original HERE. Anne D. Yoder, whose path in science was forever altered by a visit to the Duke Lemur Center as a UNC undergraduate in the 1980s, will be stepping down as director of the Lemur Center […]