Mother’s Day Adopt-A-Lemur Promotion

Give warm fuzzies for Mother’s Day!

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we’re offering Junebug and Warble, a Pygmy Slow Loris momma and baby, for adoption – available ONLY during the month of May! Two warm fuzzies for the price of one… What a great deal!

Adopt a lemur as a special gift for the mothers – or grandmothers, aunts, or children – in your life, and you’ll receive:

A confirmation email with lemur graphic that you can customize and send to Mom on or before Mother’s Day

A link to a Mother’s Day e-card that you can print (8.5″ x 11″), fold, and mail or hand deliver to the recipient

A welcome packet mailed via USPS to the gift recipient, including a certificate of adoption, a photo of the adopted lemur, a profile sheet, and a window decal.

Quarterly updates on the recipient’s special lemur, sent to the gift recipient for a year.

A donation receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

A great feeling knowing you’re helping to support the care of lemurs, the world’s most endangered mammals, here at the Duke Lemur Center – including high quality care, educational programming, non-invasive research, and conservation work protecting lemurs’ natural habitat in Madagascar!

Our 3rd infant of 2017, Warble was born on January 18 to parents Junebug and Nox. While lorises are not actually lemurs, they are ancient prosimian (“pre-monkey”) primates closely related lemurs and are an important endangered species here at the Duke Lemur Center.

Visit our Adopt A Lemur homepage to learn more and see ALL of our species available for adoption!

Click here to adopt a lemur!

When you adopt any species of lemur or loris at the Duke Lemur Center, your adoption donation goes toward the $7,400 per year cost it takes to care for each animal at the DLC, as well as aiding our conservation efforts in Madagascar. The lemurs themselves stay here at the Center, so we do the dirty work and Mom doesn’t have to scoop the poop! Adoption packages start at just $50.


If you have any questions, please call Susan Fitzgerald at (919) 401-7226 or email She’ll be happy to help!







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