WOWZA! Due to overwhelming community support (yay!!), we are BOOKED FULL and no longer have spaces available for this summer’s Lemurpalooza!

Though our event spaces are full, you can still support the DLC’s Adopt A Lemur program by adopting your favorite species HERE.

Also, note that the DLC hosts Lemurpalooza twice annually: once in June and once in late September/ early October. Follow us on Facebook (click the “Follow” button in the upper left, then select “See First”) or bookmark this page to be the first to know when the fall date is announced!

Alternatively, the Education Department is offering their regular open house-format tours this weekend, and as of 6/2 @ 2:45 p.m. there are still SOME spaces remaining on Sunday, 6/4. To make a reservation, please call (919) 401-7240. Please note that this phone number is not for a Lemurpalooza event waitlist; it is only for those wishing to book an alternate option that same weekend. If you’re local, we have plenty of tour spaces remaining for other weekdays/weekends in June and beyond. Read more about our tours HERE.  

WHAT: Lemurpalooza open house and adoption event — fun for all ages!

WHEN: 5:00-8:00 p.m. on Friday, June 2nd, 2017. Our gift shop will be open until 8:30 p.m.

WHY: To generate adoptions through the Adopt A Lemur program, which helps cover the $7,400 per year cost it takes to care for each of the DLC’s lemurs. Lemurpalooza also offers families the opportunity to visit potential adoptees, and to ask technicians and education staff about each animal!

WHERE: Duke Lemur Center, 3705 Erwin Road in Durham, NC. Directions are available here.

HOWDue to overwhelming community support (yay!!), we are BOOKED FULL for today’s Lemurpalooza! The good news is, we host Lemurpalooza twice annually: once in June and once in late September/ early October. Follow us on Facebook (click the “Follow” button in the upper left, then select “See First”) or bookmark this page to be the first to know when the fall date is announced!

Are you ready for some summer fun?! Playful prosimians. Fun, educational activities. Food trucks. Even a visit from the DLC’s very own mascot, Maky! Join us on Friday, June 2 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. for a festive evening celebrating and supporting the amazing animals of the Duke Lemur Center. This awesome event costs only one $50 Adopt-A-Lemur donation per car, but reservations must be made in advance. (See below for details.) Enjoy your evening of lemurs with the knowledge that your donation supports our animals as well as our education, research, and conservation programs.


Come meet the unique primates of Madagascar! This will be a special evening experience that allows families to stroll and view the animals at their own pace, rather than our usual guided tours. Keepers, educators, researchers, and more will be on hand to talk about the adoptable lemurs and to answer your questions. Engaging educational activities will be provided for kids and kids at heart. Guests can enjoy dinner and dessert from fabulous local food trucks, or pack a picnic to enjoy. Community fun, adorable lemurs, and an opportunity to conserve the environment and endangered animals all add up to a perfect summer evening.

UPDATE: We are CONFIRMED for the food truck American Meltdown! They’ll be here if you’d rather have, say, a Buffalo Blitz or a Pig Rocket than bring your own picnic dinner. Just note that the food isn’t included in the ticket price 🙂

UPDATE: We are CONFIRMED for Fairy Hair Flare on 6/2, a favorite of children and adults alike! Silken sparkle hair isn’t included in the ticket price, so bring a few extra dollars with you 🙂

UPDATE: We are CONFIRMED for Locopops, who’ll be selling their fun and funky frozen treats for $3 each! Woohoo! Because nothing says summer like a delicious popsicle 🙂

Scroll down for photos of last year’s event.

Commonly asked questions

1. How does my donation help lemurs? In 2012, lemurs were named the most endangered mammals on the planet. The Duke Lemur Center has been caring for and learning from lemurs for nearly 50 years. It is the world’s largest sanctuary for these animals outside of their native Madagascar. When you adopt a lemur, you not only help cover the $7,400 per year cost it takes to care for each animal, but also support our work in the U.S., Madagascar, and around the world to study and save these endangered animals.

2. What’s included in my $50 donation? Each $50 donation includes parking and admission for one vehicle and its occupants at Lemurpalooza on June 2nd, 2017 as well as the symbolic adoption of a lemur through the DLC’s Adopt A Lemur program. You’ll receive regular updates and photos on the animal of your choice, and you own’t have to scoop the poop! The animals stay at the DLC, and we do the dirty work.

3. Can I bring my kids? Absolutely!

4. I don’t have kids. Can I come anyway? Of course! Lemurpalooza is a fun, educational evening for lemur lovers young and old. Have family visiting for the weekend? Bring them! Or invite your “special friend” and make it a date night!

5. What if it rains? Lemurpalooza runs rain or shine, so we won’t cancel or reschedule for inconvenient weather. That said, though, if the weather forecast includes unsafe conditions such as lightning or high wind, we’ll move the event to Friday, June 9, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. We recommend marking both dates on your calendar just in case.

6. I have more questions. Who can I call? If you have questions or would prefer to submit your reservation over the phone, please call Susan Fitzgerald at (919) 401-7226. She’ll be happy to help!

Lemurs up for adoption

Raven, our ‘movie star’ fat-tailed dwarf lemur, had her big screen moment in the IMAX documentary Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.

Teres is our superstar ring-tailed researcher who can find food in a puzzle box faster than you can blink an eye.

Presley is a blue-eyed black lemur named after the blue-eyed ‘King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.’

Pompeia is a regal Coquerel’s sifaka and mother to two beautiful, playful young girls. Her daughters, Francesa and Isabella, are the grandchildren of Jovian, who starred in the PBS Kids series Zoboomafoo!

Grendel is a sweet male aye-aye who lives with two fat-tailed dwarf lemurs for roommates. The Duke Lemur Center has had more success at breeding aye-ayes than any other institution in the world.

Thistle is a feisty, teacup-sized female mouse lemur. Because mouse lemurs develop Alzheimer’s-like symptoms as they age, researchers at the Duke Lemur Center hope their non-invasive mouse lemur research will help us better understand the aging brain.

Thanks for loving lemurs! We couldn’t do this without you!

Photos of Lemurpalooza 2016

Marina and Charlie with Maky at the conservation table. Charlie is the conservation coordinator at the DLC, and Marina is part of the DLC’s SAVA Conservation team based in Madagascar. She’s also a researcher! Her interests include hibernation in lemurs and the biogeography of mouse and dwarf lemurs.

The education table is very popular. And the grounds are gorgeous in the early evening!

At Lemurpalooza, there’s lots of time to visit the lemurs along the summer tour path!

Lydia, a Ph.D. student in Ecology, and her kid-friendly research table highlighting a few of the studies currently underway at the DLC (there is a LOT of research happening here, all of which is non-invasive).

Face- and arm-painting and temporary tattoos are always a hit!

Kizzy, a ruffed lemur whose enclosure is adjacent to the parking lot, sat by the fence and “greeted” guests as they arrived.

See our animals at your own pace! Experienced guides stationed along the tour path will be happy to share facts and stories and answer your questions.