White-fronted Lemur


Eulemur albifrons

Another sexually dichromatic subspecies, the white-fronted brown lemur ranges throughout the rainforest remnants of northeastern Madagascar. This lemur occurs as far north as the Bemarivo River near Sambava, and as far south as the Betampona Nature reserve near the port of Tamatave. They may range as far west as Tsaratanana. Unlike other Eulemur  species, none of the females of any brown lemur variety appear to be dominant to the males. This lemur is found in five protected areas in Madagascar. White-fronted lemurs are hunted for food in many parts of their range and destruction of their rain forest habitat from slash and burn agriculture is a major threat.

Fact Sheet

Key Facts

Adult Size : 4.4 – 5.3 pounds

Social life: Sociable, permanent groups of 3 – 12 animals

Habitat: northeastern lowland rainforest

Diet: mostly fruit, young leaves and flowers

Lifespan: 20 – 25 years in the wild

Sexual maturity: 1 year

Mating: very seasonal June – July

Gestation: approximately 120 days, infants are born between September and November

Number of young: one per year

DLC Naming theme:   Old Testament names (Deborah, Samuel, Gideon, etc.)

Malagasy names: Varika

Interesting Facts

  • It is very easy to tell male white-fronted lemurs from females because of their striking white faces. This difference makes the species sexually dichromatic.
  • Although primarily diurnal, white-fronted lemurs are sometimes active at night.
  • Only 1 white-fronted lemur lives at the Lemur Cente, Deborah, and she is the oldest lemur at the Center.






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