Celebrating World Environment Day with the DLC-SAVA Team in Madagascar

The celebration of World Environment Day started one day early in the SAVA region of Madagascar this year! The entire DLC-SAVA team held an environmental education celebration at the school in the village of Andasibe Kobahina, not far from Marojejy National Park. (Marojejy is one of the last great expanses of primary rainforest in Madagascar […]

Could poop transplants speed recovery for sick lemurs?

Read the full release: “Lemur Research Gets A Gut Check.” Lydia and Erin’s work is an excellent example of the non-invasive research conducted at the DLC — and how, by working closely with our technician, conservation, and veterinary staff, Duke researchers help improve the welfare of the DLC’s lemur population! Learn more about Duke graduate student Lydia Greene in “Greene Finds […]

Meet Magdalena, Niece of Zoboomafoo!

The Duke Lemur Center is delighted to announce the birth of Magdalena, niece of the famous Zoboomafoo! Magdalena was born May 14, 2017 to parents Rupillia and Luther. Rupi was born in 1999 and is little sister to Jovian (Zoboomafoo), who was five years her senior. Both she and Luther, how was born in 2003 […]

Introducing Bijou & Nacho, Endangered Infants Born at Duke Lemur Center

The Duke Lemur Center is delighted to announce the births of two infants, Bijou and Nacho! Bijou, a female collared lemur (Eulemur fulvus collaris), was born on April 5, 2017 to parents Odette and Quintin. This gal is notoriously tough to photograph, but our stealthy photographer David Haring finally succeeded in snapping the adorable images below. Collared lemurs are […]