The Original Treehuggers: A Gift from Artist Arriyan Peagler

The Duke Lemur Center received a very special gift today! Artist Arriyan Peagler, pictured here in front of Lemur Landing, drove from Virginia to deliver his incredible DLC-inspired sculpture, “The Original Treehuggers”! Arriyan visited the Duke Lemur Center in 2014 and fell in love with not just the animals but also the kindness of the staff. One […]

Update on Cyclone Aftermath in Madagascar

Duke Lemur Center accepting and directing gifts to community rebuilding By Charlie Welch, Conservation Coordinator Massive crop loss, damage in SAVA region On 7 March 2017, a very powerful category 4 tropical cyclone Enawo made landfall in northeastern Madagascar and swept down the entire length of the island country. There was flooding and some wind damage in […]

Mouse Lemurs’ Role in New Alzheimer’s Hypothesis

Lemurs aren’t just cute, they’re crucial Why are lemurs so special? Here’s just ONE reason: Because non-invasive research on grey mouse lemurs has helped shed light on devastating human diseases like Alzheimer’s: Like humans, mouse lemurs develop amyloid brain plaques and other Alzheimer’s-like symptoms as they age. Studying these tiny primates has helped lead to a […]

Recent Births: 2017 Infants!

It’s birth season here at the Duke Lemur Center! Birth season began this January with the arrivals of sifakas Gothicus (1/6) and Furia (1/10), our first babies of the year! Different species breed and give birth at different times, so infants should continue arriving through July and even August, concluding with the last mouse and dwarf lemur births. As […]